Looking for concrete staining in Los Angeles? Grout and Stone Services transforms your concrete floors into decorative and colorful design elements to compliment your home or business. Using the latest concrete staining techniques, including acid staining concrete, to color your concrete and seal it from damage and stains Grout and Stone Services is available throughout the Los Angeles metro area for free consultations and fast work on concrete staining. We are known as the fixers in the industry and can change and improve the way your concrete surfaces appear with concrete sealants and colors.

Many clients are amazed at what we can do with concrete staining in Los Angeles. Standard concrete can be made to imitate most any surface, color, and texture. For a fraction of the cost concrete staining offers a finished look that is more durable and easier to clean than the real surface it imitates. Our team is within easy reach and will come out for a free consultation and quote anywhere in the Los Angeles area.

Concrete Staining in Los Angeles

We offer:

Concrete micro topping – Re-surfacing of slabs to eliminate cracking, chips, and discoloration. These products come in different textures and a rainbow of colors. They can be troweled, rolled, or sprayed on and are as durable as they are beautiful.

Concrete Staining – Colorize drab, industrial looking concrete slabs with permanent acid or solvent-based stains and dyes (acid staining concrete). Unique effects can be created to match any design. We’ll show you pictures.

Concrete staining is available throughout the Los Angeles California area. As a local company we have decades of experience in applying the best surface to your floors and delicate stone. Many are surprised with the results of our concrete staining work. To the untrained eye concrete can be made to mimic most any stone or surface at a fraction of the cost. Whether you are installing for the first time or refreshing an existing concrete surface or team will provide the right concrete staining, concrete restoration, concrete painting, or concrete cleaning methods for your project. Discover the difference a quality company makes.

Concrete staining helps your floors and concrete surfaces to look the way you want them to. By sealing and staining you also extend the life of your concrete.

Concrete staining in Los Angeles

Concrete staining protects seals and decorates the surface for both design and longevity purposes. With advances in concrete installation the possibilities are endless. Our team of concrete staining specialists look forward to working with you.