Cleaning textured stone, tile, and pavers can present special problems for conventional cleaning methods. Now there’s a solution! The cleaning power of high pressure steam is now available for your interior and exterior tile and stone.

Heat is the key, and our system is unique. Most truck mounted units employ a “heat exchanger” to heat the water. These systems can bring the water to around 150 degrees. Sounds good right? But by the time the water gets to your floor it has cooled to barely luke warm. That’s steam cleaning in name only. Our “Turbo System” heats to 190 degrees, so you get real steam cleaning power. The surfaces dry faster, and are ready to be sealed in a few hours. The difference is amazing!

We offer:

Our truck mounted “Turbo System” – Its specially designed vacuum head blasts dirt and grime away with 190º F steam, and then sucks the dirt and grime away. There’s no mess and no chemicals. The results are amazing!

Our highly trained staff works regularly in Southern California including Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Burbank, Glendale, Studio City, Encino, Hollywood Hills, Universal City, the Valley, Santa Clarita, and eastern Ventura County.

Steam cleaning floors and pressure cleaning surfaces is not as simple as owning a steam cleaner. There is a right and wrong way to clean all of the different types of surfaces and most steam cleaning companies have no idea what that could be. Discover the difference a professional firm can make. We have worked on thousands of floors and surfaces. We are known as the fixers and have repaired many botched jobs by other steam cleaning companies; trust us it is less expensive to do it right the first time.