Grout and Stone Services is a leading provider of professional level granite cleaning and polishing for residential and commercial properties. Granite is a resilient stone that generally holds up well to wear and abuse. The stone is susceptible to atmosphere pollutants  and spills. Grout and Stone Services uses state of the art techniques and cleaning solutions to repair damaged granite and seal the surface against further damage.

Granite is popular for home counter tops  and the majority of our projects in this area center around repairing edge chips and grout. We are able to match the look of your granite with special epoxies to repair chips. In addition we will clean the grout to like new and then seal the entire surface against future damage.

For commercial properties granite is usually found in lobby facades and decorative elements. Grout and Stone Services can clean and polish these surfaces to new condition and also remove graffiti or other damage to the material. We work with numerous corporate accounts and building management firms.

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Grout and Stone Services is available for granite cleaning throughout the Los Angeles basin including Burbank, Northridge, Sherman Oaks, Beverly Hills, Calabasas, Encino, Hollywood Hills, Glendale and surrounding communities.