Restoring fine stone surfaces is a combination of art and science for your Los Angeles residential or commercial property. The type of stone, the condition that it’s in and the owners input are all used to determine what methods and materials we employ to achieve the end result. Cleaning stone in Los Angeles requires a special touch to do right.

Stone restoration, stone polishing and stone cleaning in Los Angeles are our specialty with our company regularly called on by contractors and owners in the know to do the job correct the first time. Stone restoration is an art form that requires attention to detail, surface type, and use patterns to ensure a long life. You know the cost of replacing stone so why consider using a fly by night company to take care of yours? We are the pros at stone restoration and stone polishing in LA; give us a call today (818) 772-6668.

Softer types of stone such as travertine and limestone are susceptible to scratches as well as dull spots in the surface called “acid etching”. Bathroom cleaners, vinegar, lemon juice and other common household liquids will create these etch marks, so be careful. We often employ a fine sanding process called “honing” to remove scratches and acid etching. This stone cleaning process provides a surface free of imperfections.

High gloss finishes are achieved using polishing compounds that contain acids of some type. Terms can be misleading. Some people claim to use diamonds in some form to polish stone. Diamond dust is used for more abrasive procedures such as sanding or honing. We use them too, but not in polishing.

Call us ((818) 772-6668) if your thinking about restoring your stone floors or counter-tops. We would be happy to come by and offer our advise, and talk to you about the project.

We provide:

Scratch/Acid etch removal

Abrasive and acid honing

High gloss polishing

Steam cleaning for textured stone, slate, and concrete.

No matter what type of stone you have, we can advise you as to the restoration options available. We also provide detailed care instructions and tips to help you prolong the look of your stone.

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Stone Restoration in Los Angeles should be viewed as both an art and science. We are known as the fixers in the industry with the pros turning to us to make it right. Skip the “wrong” when finding stone restoration companies in Los Angeles by working with the best in the business the first time. Our marble restoration and soft stone restoration (all the decorative stone in your home or office is “soft stone”) team is available to anyone in the Southern California area. We are regulars in Beverly Hills, Hollywood Hills, Studio City, Brentwood, Pacific Palisades, Downtown Los Angeles, Burbank, and other cities in Southern California.

Concrete polishing is a popular form of stone polishing. Using our technology we can create a smooth surface that is then sealed using an epoxy or surface coating. The sealed surface creates a stunning visual contrast and concrete polishing in Los Angeles is a great way to up the elegance while keeping the budget tight.