Grout is really the weak link in many tile or stone floors and counters. It stains easily, cracks, and shows its age much sooner than we would like. Clean tiles with new or restored grout can really upgrade the look of older tiled surfaces.

Your grout is either a sanded or non-sanded type. The grout used is mostly determined by the tile that was chosen. Sanded grout joints are wider, and have a rough texture. Non-sanded grout is narrow (usually 1/8 inch or so) with a smooth texture. Sanded grout is stronger, but when stained or discolored, is very hard to remove or even clean in some cases. Non sanded grout can be succesfully cleaned or replaced more easily.

We offer:

Sanded grout restoration – A unique, urethane-based grout stain and seal process that can make your grout look brand new, and keep it looking that way.

Re-grouting – Removal and re-grouting of non-sanded grout surfaces can give an old tile job a like-new appearance at a fraction of the cost of new tile.

Grout Staining – Change the look of your tile floors or correct the color of new grout with our custom match stain and seal finish. We guarantee perfect color and protection.



Grout and Stone Services works regularly in Southern California including Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Burbank, Glendale, Studio City, Encino, Hollywood Hills, Universal City, the Valley, Santa Clarita, and eastern Ventura County. Cleaning grout is not as simple of spraying a cleaner and wiping it down. An understanding of the function of the grout and insight into the tell-tale signs of failing grout will help the material serve its purpose. Our pros understand what makes grout cleaning  important.