Also known as “Mexican pavers” These clay tiles have a rustic terra cotta look thats’ very popular. They also need regular professional maintenance to look their best and protect them from wear.

Pavers are more delicate than many people realize. The surface is very soft and prone to gouging and wear from chairs and foot traffic. A protective coating must be applied and maintained. Improperly sealed or un-maintained, these pavers will be damaged beyond anyone’s ability to revive them. If your wondering if your pavers need re-sealing, look at them when they are wet. If you see dark spots, the clay is exposed, and they need attention or they will stain.

We offer

Stripping, Repair and Sealing – We will strip away old, discolored coatings and apply new protective products. Our guys will also clean and restore the grout, fill or replace damaged tiles, and can even stain the pavers for a custom look.

Our highly trained staff works regularly in Southern California including Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Burbank, Glendale, Studio City, Encino, Hollywood Hills, Universal City, Van Nuys, Santa Clarita, and eastern Ventura County.

Restoring Saltillo Paver stone takes care and expertise to ensure no further damage is caused in the process of cleaning. Using professional grade tools and sealants our team will restore your pavers to like new and then coat them with a sealant to help them resist the damage they receive in daily use. Saltillo paver restoration is a delicate process. You already know how expensive it is to replace these stones let use come in and restore the paver stones at a fraction of the cost.