Tile restoration is what Grout and Stone Services has performed for two decades in Calabasas. Tiles do not need restoration after significant use and depending upon the material they are made with. Mexican tile restoration also known as paver tile restoration are the large tiles that look like brick. These tiles are very popular in  Calabasas but are a soft stone and often need tile restoration more often. Saltillo tile restoration in Calabasas is the same type of stone as mexican pavers and requires a similar maintenance period.

On the flip side is marble tile restoration in Calabasas. Marble is a harder surface and resists damage. Calabasas our restoration work on marble centers around polishing and coating with protective sealers.

Restoring fine stone surfaces is a combination of art and science for your Calabasas residential or commercial property. Tile restoration in Calabasas requires a special touch to do right.

Tile restoration in Calabasas is our specialty with our company regularly called on by contractors and owners in the know to do the job correct the first time. Tile restoration is an art form that requires attention to detail, surface type, and use patterns to ensure a long life. You know the cost of replacing tile so why consider using a fly by night company to take care of yours? We are the pros at tile restoration in Calabasas; give us a call today (818) 772-6668.

Softer types of tiles such as travertine and limestone are susceptible to scratches as well as dull spots in the surface called “acid etching”. Bathroom cleaners, vinegar, lemon juice and other common household liquids will create these etch marks, so be careful. We often employ a fine sanding process called “honing” to remove scratches and acid etching. This stone cleaning process provides a surface free of imperfections.

We offer

Stripping, Repair and Sealing – We will strip away old, discolored coatings and apply new protective products. Our team will also clean and restore the grout, fill or replace damaged tiles, and can even stain the pavers for a custom look.

Tile restoration in Calabasas takes care and expertise to ensure no further damage is caused in the process of restoration. Using professional grade tools and sealants our team will restore your tile surface to like new. You already know how expensive it is to replace tile so let use come in and restore your existing tile at a fraction of the cost.