Marble restoration for your home or office in Westwood California should not be left to fly by night floor cleaners. We are known as the fixers in the industry because we spend about half of our time fixing the damage caused by companies and people who use the incorrect equipment and or cleaning products.

Marble restoration and marble cleaning in Westwood by Grout and Stone Services ensures you expensive stone surface is returned to liek new condition and sealed against further damage.

Marble is particularly sensitive to use of the wrong type of cleansers which is most often the mistake made by do it yourself marble polishers and companies specializing in “floor cleaning”. We use professional grade materials made specifically for your type of marble (yes there are differences) to remove stains, repair acid damage, and seal the surface for years of trouble free use. Marble restoration, as the name implies, brings your marble surface back to new. We then apply the latest in sealant materials to protect the marble making it easy to clean and maintain going forward.

We are happy to stop by your location in Westwood for a free consultation and needs assessment. Discover the difference real professionals can make.

If your marble needs restoration or cleaning then look no further than our professional team of marble restoration and marble cleaning pros.