There are not many communities in the world as nice as Westlake Village. Keeping your home looking perfect and your stone even better is job one for our team here at Grout and Stone Services. Marble Restoration takes in to account the type of surface, its use characteristics, and exposure to elements to repair any damage, return it to new, and seal the marble against further damage. We are known as the fixers in teh industry and are often called out to repair the damaged caused by discount floor cleaners who try and clean marble.

Marble comes in many different forms and types and the differences make it important to identify and understand the marble restoration needs and surface usage. We have the latest equipment and cleaners to make your marble shine again.

For marble resoration in Westlake Village no matter if it is on a business or residential property Grout and Stone is the go to source for care.

We have completed hundreds of projects in the Westlake Village and are available for a free in person quote and meet and great. When looking for marble restoration and marble cleaning we are your team.

Whether it is in a home or commercial property we are your marble restoration company of choice in Westlake Village.