For your home or business in Toluca Lake CA Grout and Stone Services provides the high quality marble restoration and marble cleaning you demand. Don’t leave your delicate stone in the hands of carpet cleaning companies. They don’t have the equipment training or experience we provide. In fact we are known as the fixers in Toluca Lake because we are called in when these other companies destroy or damage the delicate marble with their harsh cleaners and incorrect equipment.

Did you know that the type of marble and its location matters when cleaning or restoring the marble surface?

What type of marble restoration do you need? Chances are good you just answered “the normal kind”! Guess what… there is nothing normal about marble. There are a host of variations of types, designs and usage that all should go into deciding how to restore, clean and prtect the marble surface. We know what we are doing and can handle the project for you.

Marble restoration brings your surface back to know and applies a sealer to protect it from further damage.