The cool ocean breeze and steel blue skies make for the perfect environment for marble surfaces. The problem with marble is it is a soft stone easily damaged by modern tech and pollution. When looking for marble restoration and marble cleaning in Pacific Palisades CA look no further than Grout and Stone Services. For your home or business we are known as the fixers in the industry. For delicate marble restoration in Pacific Palisades… this is all we do! Not a floor cleaning service we are experts in stone and grout cleaning and restoration.

There is a difference in marble and the differences make it important to identify and understand the restoration needs and surface usage. We have the latest equipment and cleaners to make your marble shine again.

We have completed hundreds of projects in the Pacific Palisades and are available for a free in person quote and meet and great. When looking for marble restoration and marble cleaning we are your team.

Remember that Marble is a delicate stone and choosing the right company to restore and seal the surface is vital to the long term quality and appearance.

Whether it is in a home or commercial property we are your marble restoration company of choice in Pacific Palisades.