Our home town and the place where it all began… Northridge CA. We have built the leading marble restoration, marble cleaning, and stone services company in the region. Known as the fixers in the industry we are called in when other companies fail or when clients want quality work first. Did you know that not all marble is the same? There are a number of different types of marble and when combined with different placements, installations, and environmental factors there is actually a difference in the way it should be restored, cleaned and sealed.

With free on site quotes you can not go wrong giving us a call; even if you end up going with someone else. Our knowledgeable techs will give you the keys to a successful project and you will be able to make very informed decisions with you service choices. Marble restoration in Northridge depends on the types, design and usage of the marble stone.

Marble restoration is delicate and requires the proper cleaning liquids, tools, and patience to do right. Our highly trained team understands the nuances and science behind marble restoration and marble cleaning. We combine intimate knowledge of the pollutants and contaminants likely to touch the material here in Northridge.

Marble restoration, as the name implies, brings your marble surface back to new. We then apply the latest in sealant materials to protect the marble making it easy to clean and maintain going forward.

Whether it is in a home or commercial property we are your marble restoration company of choice in Northridge.

If your marble needs restoration or cleaning then look no further than our professional team of marble restoration and marble cleaning pros.