Marble restoration and marble cleaning in Glendale California is about bringing your expensive surface back to new and sealing it against further damage. Grout and Stone Services has been helping property owners and home owners in Glendale for over 20 years. We are not a “floor cleaning” company; instead we are stone restoration specialists known in the industry as the “fixers”. If you are looking to restore your marble to like new condition or just clean some stains or damage look no further than us.

Did you know that that there are different types of marble and different materials and equipment to properly restore and seal the material? Depending upon the design, placement, use, and actual marble there are a plethora of cleaning agents and techniques required to restore it right and perfect. We are happy to stop by your location in Glendale for a free consultation and needs assessment. Discover the difference real professionals can make.

Placement and use of the marble surface dictates a lot of how we go about bringingthe surface back to new. Have you ever visited the old ruins where marble was used as a stepping surface? After millenia the surface is worn and “compressed” where people have stood. The action of millions of feet over the years wears the soft stone away leaving that feeling. At Grout and Stone Services we like to say that we could even restore the Parthenon if given the project. Marble restoration in Glendale relies upon the proper use and application of either grinding compounds OR the filling of recesses with epoxy and building up the worn material to the proper height.

If your marble needs restoration or cleaning then look no further than our professional team of marble restoration and marble cleaning pros.