Marble Polishing Los Angeles by Grout and Stone Services keeps your marble looking great and protected from elements. Marble floors and counters are prized for their quality and luxury in homes around Los Angeles. The soft stone requires occasional professional cleaning and polishing to maintain the luster of new. In fact marble is one of the more easily damaged surfaces in your luxury home in Los Angeles CA and many of the over the counter cleaning products will easily etch and stain marble.

At Grout and Stone we regularly polish marble surfaces damaged by accidental use of the wrong type of cleaners… and yes we can fix the surface to like new! We have local knowledge and decades of experience polishing marble in Los Angeles.

Grout and Stone Services has the right equipment and experience for marble polishing Los Angeles. Don’t rely on carpet cleaning companies that do not understand the intricacies of caring for and polishing marble floors (we have fixed many of their mistakes in the past).

Marble is particularly sensitive to use of the wrong type of cleansers which is most often the mistake made by do it yourself marble polishers and companies specializing in “floor cleaning”. We use professional grade materials made specifically for your type of marble (yes there are differences) to remove stains, repair acid damage, and seal the surface for years of trouble free use.

We are available all throughout the Los Angeles California area for a free consultations and fast service. Discover the difference real professionals can make. Marble polishing that makes your surface look new again

Marble Polishing Los Angeles CA

If your marble needs restoration or repair we can handle those projects too. Marble polishing brings the surface back to new and seals it from further damage.