At Grout and Stone we regularly repair marble surfaces damaged by accidental use of the wrong type of cleaners… and yes we can fix the surface to like new! Making your floors, counters and decorative marble structures like new is our specialty for homes and businesses in the Hollywood Hills. Our team of professionals are known as the fixers in the industry and tackle many projections left in disarray by discount cleaners. When deciding to update and improve your property in Hollywood Hills CA give Grout and Stone Services a call.

Grout and Stone Services has the right equipment and experience to properly polish marble. Don’t rely on carpet cleaning companies that do not understand the intricacies of caring for and polishing marble floors (we have fixed many of their mistakes in the past).

Marble is particularly sensitive to use of the wrong type of cleansers. We have a wide assortment of specialized cleansers and tools that are matched to your marble type… and yes there are different types of marbles.

We are available all throughout the Hollywood Hills California area for a free consultations and fast surface. Discover the difference real professionals can make.

If your marble needs restoration or repair we can handle those projects too.