Keeping your expensive marble looking great in your home or business in Encino California has been our priority for the past several decades. We are Grout and Stone Services and we are known as the fixers in the industry. Do not think that just anyone can do marble polishing in Encino. You will see lots of ads from carpet cleaners and the like promising cheap rates to clean your floors. The problem with marble polishing is that cheap rates = cheap products and potential damage to your expensive marble.

We have fixed countless marble surfaces in Encino damaged by improper cleaning and treatments. Marble is a delicate stone, almost as delicate as your hardwood floors!, and requires the proper equipment, knowledge, and cleaning and restoration products. As leaders in the industry we are on the cutting edge of marble restoration and cleaning for your property in Encino.


Marble restoration and polishing we use professional grade materials made specifically for your type of marble (yes there are differences) to remove stains, repair acid damage, and seal the surface for years of trouble free use.

We are available in Encino California for a free consultation and fast service. Discover the difference real professionals can make. Marble polishing that makes your surface look new again

If your marble needs restoration or repair we can handle those projects too.