img06You are here because you are tired of the dirty, cracked or damaged grout. Grout restoration is our business and has been for over two decades in the Van Nuys area. With the proper equipment, knowledge and skill to handle any project discover why we are known as the “fixers” in the industry.

Grout and Stone Services has been handling grout restoration in Van Nuys since the beginning (there are probably examples of our work in your neighborhood).

Grout is the material between your delicate stone and tile to give it style and protect the material. Due to its nature grout takes the damage and stains and over time shows its age and wear. With grout restoration we remove dirt and oil, repair damage, and seal the grout from future damage. The service reinvigorates your surface bringing a fresh and clean feeling to your property in Bel Air.

When you add in the costs of having to fix the “dicsount” work we are actually more affordable with the difference being that we do not hide our costs during the quote. We use state of the art technologies, yes there are state of the art floor cleaning techniques, to bring the grout and tile back to new and then seal the cleaned surface to prevent future staining and damage.

Our team is regularly in your Van Nuys neighborhood and can schedule a face to face free consultation based upon your schedule. We also can provide a list if references if you want to hear from real clients.

Discover a better way to get your grout restored or grout cleaned in Van Nuys.