img06Making your property on the Sunset Strip in California look like new again can be as easy as hiring us for grout restoration and cleaning services.We are experts in delicate stone and grout cleaning and restoration and have dedicated over a decade to doing the job right. We are regularly working along the Sunset Strip and have a laundry list of projects we can reference for you on the phone.

Grout and Stone Services is known as the “fixer” in the industry because of our single focus on dealing with delicate stone and tile surfaces. Grout restoration requires patience and a recognition that grout is the “damage taker” designed to absorb spills and take the punishment so your surface does not. With the latest in cleaners, sealers, and repair equipment we can make your grout look like new again.

A majority of the time we are actually more affordable than the discount shops with the difference being that we do not hide our costs during the quote. We use state of the art technologies, yes there are state of the art floor cleaning techniques, to bring the grout and tile back to new and then seal the cleaned surface to prevent future staining and damage.

Our team is regularly in your Sunset Strip neighborhood and can schedule a face to face free consultation based upon your schedule. We also can provide a list if references if you want to hear from real clients.

Discover a better way to get your grout restored or grout cleaned in Sunset Strip.