img06Grout and Stone Services is the choice in grout restoration and grout cleaning for homes and businesses in Pacific Palisades CA. We are regularly in the area working projects big and small. Grout restoration looks to clean the grout and bring it back to a like new texture. With the cleaned grout we then seal and restore the grout to new. There are countless examples of our work right in your neighborhood in Pacific Palisades.

Grout cleaning and grout restoration for your residential or commercial property in Pacific Palisades CA can be handled in two manners:

  1. Hire the cheapest “floor cleaning” company to clean it now.
  2. Hire the right company to clean and seal the grout.

A majority of the time we are actually more affordable than the discount shops with the difference being that we do not hide our costs during the quote. We use state of the art technologies, yes there are state of the art floor cleaning techniques, to bring the grout and tile back to new and then seal the cleaned surface to prevent future staining and damage.

Grout is the filler used between tile and stone to create proper spacing for expansion and contraction while also adding a design element to the surface. Grout by its very nature is designed to take the abuse and damage rather than your stone or tile receiving it. When restoring grout we look at the material it protects, the style of grout, and your desired goals to put together a complete package to clean and protect the grout. Ensuring a long lasting and easy to clean surface with modern coatings and protectants.

Discover a better way to get your grout restored or grout cleaned in Pacific Palisades.