img06Grout restoration and grout cleaning in Los Angeles is the primary service of our company. Grout and Stone Services has been helping Los Angeles area homeowners and property owners to restore and keep their grout and delicate stones looking great for over two decades. Known as the fixers in the industry our team has the experience you seek in professional grout restoration and grout cleaning for Los Angeles.

Making sure your grout is properly cleaned and resealed requires professional knowledge of materials, interactions and reactions.

Grout cleaning and grout restoration Los Angeles CA can be handled in two manners:

  1. Hire the cheapest “floor cleaning” company to clean it now.
  2. Hire the right company to clean and seal the grout.

A majority of the time we are actually more affordable than the discount shops with the difference being that we do not hide our costs during the quote. We use state of the art technologies, yes there are state of the art floor cleaning techniques, to bring the grout and tile back to new and then seal the cleaned surface to prevent future staining and damage.

No matter where your property in Los Angeles we have a team ready to with the latest in delicate stone, grout restoration, and grout cleaning equipment.

Discover a better way to get your grout restored or grout cleaned in Los Angeles.

Looking for tips and tricks to keep the grout looking great or need some quick cleanup ideas? Give us a call