img06Known as the fixers in Burbank California we provide tile and grout restoration and tile and grout cleaning services to both businesses and home owners. Tile and grout restoration and cleaning removes built up crud and stains in the grout. Grout is the filler between tile of any type and can be smooth or textured. Grout is susceptible to stains from spills and dirt over the years.

Tile and grout cleaning and tile and grout restoration in Burbank CA looks to remove the stains and dirt and then seal the material against further staining.

The mistake many make is hiring discount floor cleaning companies or renting do it yourself machines. Grout is actually a very delicate material that can be further damaged by harsh cleaners our incorrect administration of cleaning. Often people find that we are way less expensive when you add in the hassle of doing it wrong. For grout restoration in Burbank we are the choice.

Our team is regularly in your Burbank neighborhood and can schedule a face to face free consultation based upon your schedule. We also can provide a list if references if you want to hear from real clients.

Discover a better way to get your grout restored or grout cleaned in Burbank.