Grout and Stone sealing experts in Los Angeles. The one company that has been doing this for decades. We know what we are doing!

Our company specializes in the application of the most advanced, commercial grade products for complete protection of expensive stone, grout, concrete, and pavers to your commercial or residential property in Los Angeles CA.

Known as the “fixers” in the industry we are regularly brought in to fix jobs that discount providers mess up. When you want your grout and stone sealed right in Los Angeles give us a call.

Not all grout and stone sealers are the same. Water based, solvent based, topical. We’ve spent years testing and comparing sealers from dozens of companies. We know what works, what lasts, and how to apply them. Since we also do restoration work, we’ve seen what doesn’t as well. We will also tell you how to properly maintain your grout and stone surfaces to keep them looking great.

We offer

Advanced, urethane based topical sealers for sanded grout – Our Perma-Grout product bonds to the substrate of the grout and forms a barrier on the surface against stains and dirt. If you have been disappointed with grout sealers before, you’ve got to see this.

Floro-Polymer Impregnating sealers – Excellent oil and water repelling for all stone and non-sanded grout. FDA approved for cook prep areas.

High Solids “Gloss” finishes – Ultra hard, wet look finishes for saltillo pavers, slate, and patios. This product will enhance the look of natural stone and protect for years.


Cleaning grout and stone is a process that involves the removal of dirt and stains, repairing any damage, and then coating with the latest in sealing technology to prolong the life of your tiled surfaces. We are fortunate here in Los Angeles CA to enjoy a semi-arid climate that minimizes damages from excess moisture but amplifies the damage from abrasive dust and pollen. At Grout and Stone Services in Los Angeles we have the proper tools for the job.