Grout and Stone Services specializes in the application of the most advanced, commercial grade products for complete protection of concrete surfaces in Studio City. Concrete sealing protects and beautifies the surface for decades of trouble free elegance. Concrete is an inexpensive building material that can be made to look like any expensive or elegant stone. With our concrete sealing in Studio City we can give your home or business an elegant look at a fraction of the cost. As a bonus the concrete sealing protects the surface for years of trouble free use.

Not all concrete sealers are the same. Many of the better known products are water based and only last a few seasons. We have been around long enough to have tried and seen them all. Because our company also performs concrete restoration services we know the end results of other sealers and how they react to the local environment over time. With this knowledge we are able to offer some of the best concrete sealing options available.

We offer

Advanced, urethane based topical sealers for sanded grout – Our Perma-Grout product bonds to the substrate of the grout and forms a barrier on the surface against stains and dirt. If you have been disappointed with grout sealers before, you’ve got to see this.

Floro-Polymer Impregnating sealers – Excellent oil and water repelling for all stone and non-sanded grout. FDA approved for cook prep areas.

High Solids “Gloss” finishes – Ultra hard, wet look finishes for saltillo pavers, slate, and patios. This product will enhance the look of natural stone and protect for years.

Concrete surfaces have come  a long way over the last few years. By combining our state of the art coatings and sealers we can create any look you want on concrete. Want marble? Concrete can mimic it at a fraction of the cost. Want different colored steps, walkways and walls? We can do that too. Think of our sealers as a “paint” and your imagination as the artist. We are happy to come out and discuss concrete sealing for your location in Studio City CA.