Professional cleaning of your granite in Studio City CA is about using the proper chemicals and equipment to repair the damage and provide a lasting protective finish. Grout and Stone Services is known as the “fixers” in the industry and we regularly repair and fix the damage caused by discount “floor cleaning companies”. Granite Cleaning, as you are aware, is normally very straightforward. Where we come in is to fix etching, chips, and significant surface damage. Our specialized equipment and expertise makes these repairs standard fare for our team.

Our stone experts have the proper equipment training and experience to repair, clean, and seal your granite floors for the perfect results. The stone is susceptible to atmosphere pollutants and spills. Grout and Stone Services uses state of the art techniques and granite cleaning solutions to repair damaged granite and seal the surface against further damage.

Grout and Stone Services regularly works on both commercial properties and households with surfaces including kitchen counters, entryway portico, stairways, and decorative memorials. Modern granite materials usually come with polished faces that have been treated by the manufacturer to resist the corrosive effects of atmosphere pollution (acids); when damaged or scratched the acids can reach the surface and undermine the polished protective layer. Our granite cleaning equipment and techniques remove the acids from the damage area, repair the damage, and reseal the entire surface.


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