Grout and Stone Services is the leading provider of Granite Cleaning in Los Angeles. Our stone experts have the proper equipment training and experience to repair, clean, and seal your granite floors for the perfect results. Granite is a resilient stone that generally holds up well to wear and abuse. The stone is susceptible to atmosphere pollutants  and spills. Grout and Stone Services uses state of the art techniques and cleaning solutions to repair damaged granite and seal the surface against further damage.

We are known as the fixers in the industry and have worked on thousands of projects in the Los Angeles area including residential and commercial buildings. Granite counters are envogue and look great when new but many of the acids used in cooking and food prep can damage the stone if not cared for properly. We are able to repair the damage and seal the surface against further wear.

For commercial properties granite is usually found in lobby facades and decorative elements. Grout and Stone Services can clean and polish these surfaces to new condition and also remove graffiti or other damage to the material. We work with numerous corporate accounts and building management firms in the Los Angeles area.

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