Concrete staining for your home or business property in Westlake Village is an economical way to get a designer look without the designer price. As the experts in the industry we are able to apply the latest in stains (including acid staining concrete) and sealants to any concrete surface to emulate any design you seek. Looking for a marble walkway? No problem. Want to color your driveway and protect it from stains? We can do that. Want an elaborate color scheme for your retaining walls? Grout and Stone is there for you too.

When considering concrete staining (aka acid staining concrete) in Westlake Village you need to consider the location of the concrete (floor, wall, counter, drive) and the potential damage that will occur to it from normal use. With this in mind we can use the proper stains and sealants to ensure years of trouble-free use.

Concrete staining has been used in many of the places you frequent including The Lakes, The Thousand Oaks Mall, and many of the homes up in Lake Sherwood. It is likely there are examples of our work right in your own neighborhood and we are happy to point them out.

We offer free on site consultations and quotes for concrete staining. We are also happy to come out and fix what the other companies have messed up; we are known as the fixers in the industry.

We offer:

Concrete micro topping – Re-surfacing of slabs to eliminate cracking, chips, and discoloration. These products come in different textures and a rainbow of colors. They can be troweled, rolled, or sprayed on and are as durable as they are beautiful.

Concrete Staining – Colorize drab, industrial looking concrete slabs with permanent acid or solvent-based stains and dyes (including acid staining). Unique effects can be created to match any design. We’ll show you pictures.