Concrete staining (aka micro-toppings, epoxy coating, acid staining concrete) in Sherman Oaks CA is a specialty of Grout and Stone Services. Our professionals have decades of experience and the proper tools, knowledge, and experience to make your concrete surface look amazing. Concrete is an excellent material for construction and is used for multiple surfaces in homes and businesses around Sherman Oaks; the problem is that concrete alone can be drab and boring. With Concrete Staining (including acid staining) our team comes out to your place in Sherman Oaks and cleans, coats, and seals the surface. Using a rainbow of colors and textures we can emulate any stone look or any design you are seeking.

The advantages of concrete staining for your property in Sherman Oaks are that the finished surface is protected against the elements, has an increased appeal (ie value), and serves as an affordable alternative to more expensive materials. Grout and Stone Services is known as the “fixers” in the industry as we also specialize in restoring your concrete floors back to their original look and feel.

We offer:

Concrete micro topping – Re-surfacing of slabs to eliminate cracking, chips, and discoloration. These products come in different textures and a rainbow of colors. They can be troweled, rolled, or sprayed on and are as durable as they are beautiful.

Concrete Staining – Colorize drab, industrial looking concrete slabs with permanent acid or solvent-based stains and dyes. Unique effects can be created to match any design. We’ll show you pictures. Acid staining concrete

Concrete staining is a popular service in Sherman Oaks because it provides an elegant look without an exorbitant price. Based out of nearby Northridge we have decades of experience in applying the best surface to your floors and delicate stone.