Grout and Stone Services is your hometown hero for concrete staining in Northridge. We are known as the fixers in the industry and regularly work on all the big projects in the area. Don’t trust just any company to handle the staining (also known acid acid staining concrete) and sealing of your concrete surface. Our professionals handle the job you want in a way you need. We are experts in concrete staining and will use the proper stain (including acid stain) and sealers to the type of use the concrete will receive.

In Northridge we face several factors that will drive the long term durability of your stained concrete surface. The summer time heat, acidic rain, and sea salt all impact the concrete. Is the surface also exposed to run off or spray from irrigation? Auto traffic? oil stains? Will the surface be used as a play area? All these questions and more will dictate which concrete staining and concrete sealing product we use. There is no one size fits all and you want a company that knows the difference.

We offer:

Concrete micro topping – Re-surfacing of slabs to eliminate cracking, chips, and discoloration. These products come in different textures and a rainbow of colors. They can be troweled, rolled, or sprayed on and are as durable as they are beautiful.

Concrete Staining – Colorize drab, industrial looking concrete slabs with permanent acid staining or solvent-based stains and dyes. Unique effects can be created to match any design. We’ll show you pictures.

Concrete staining in Northridge gives you an elegant or designer look at a fraction of the price. Concrete is significantly less expensive than real stone while also being more durable and easier to work with. Through the use of concrete staining and concrete sealing we can emulate any design, color, or texture you desire.