Grout and Stone Services is the choice in concrete staining, including acid staining concrete, for homes and businesses in Hollywood Hills CA. Your residential or commercial property concrete can look better with staining. Concrete staining takes your gray floors and adds pizzazz with colors and textures to emulate different materials and looks to suit your design needs. Staining can completely change the look and feel of your property as displayed in the sample photos below. Hollywood Hills CA is a benefactor of our great team of stone professionals.

We offer:

Concrete micro topping – Re-surfacing of slabs to eliminate cracking, chips, and discoloration. These products come in different textures and a rainbow of colors. They can be troweled, rolled, or sprayed on and are as durable as they are beautiful.

Concrete Staining – Colorize drab, industrial looking concrete slabs with permanent acid or solvent-based stains and dyes (acid staining concrete). Unique effects can be created to match any design. We’ll show you pictures.

Concrete staining is available throughout the Hollywood Hills CA area. Based out of Northridge we have decades of experience in applying the best surface to your floors and delicate stone. Many are surprised with the results of our concrete staining work. To the untrained eye concrete can be made to mimic most any stone or surface at a fraction of the cost. Whether you are installing for the first time or refreshing an existing concrete surface or team will provide the right concrete staining, concrete restoration, acid staining concrete, concrete painting, or concrete cleaning methods for your project.

Get the look of expensive materials without the exorbitant costs. Grout and Stone Services uses the latest in concrete staining processes to improve the look of your floors and surfaces.