Grout and Stone Services is “the choice” in brick cleaning for Burbank CA homes and businesses. We started right here in the Valley and are based here still. Our team with decades of experience and stellar reputation has earned the trust and praise of thousands of property owners and managers around the area and in Burbank CA specifically. Brick, over time can, be stained by minerals, oils, and dirt. This damage takes away that contrast and leaves the entire structure looking old and worn. With state of the art equipment, materials, and methods our team can clean your brick in Beverly Hills and coat it to minimize future damage.

From drives to walkways to walls and decorations no job is beyond our abilities. Your home, office, or business in Burbank CA can benefit from brick cleaning by renewing the surface and sealing it from further damage.

Grout and Stone Services specializes in the care of delicate stone surfaces and, to the surprise of most, brick is a delicate surface. The porous nature of the material allows it to be damaged and stained rather easily. This damage is usually most pronounced in high traffic areas along walkways and drives where the brick is subject to foot and vehicle traffic along with sitting water that can bleach or stain.

Some reasons to have your brick cleaned include preparing a property for sale, appraisal, or for a major event. Freshly cleaned brick brings back the luster of the design and the reason for the brick in the first place. With the bright red brick accenting the surrounding design it can remove decades off the perceived age of a property and provide a finished touch to the aesthetics. Brick cleaning is a delicate process; push too hard and you risk permanent damage to the bricks. Grout and Stone Services looks forward to cleaning your brick in Beverly Hills.